Start clean.

Start clean.

Start clean.

Start clean. Stay clean.

It’s All About Clean-Quality.

Clean-Quality is our process prioritized for high-quality vine growth and constantly evolving clean vine management process to ensure that our material starts clean and ends clean.

From the harvest of budwood to the delivery of finished vines we employ the most advanced clean material sourcing and management standards, merging time-tested protocols with industry-leading technology and expertise to deliver the best product possible to you.

Even at that, it takes more than Nursery Certification and rigorous Motherblock testing to deliver a truly multi-generational grapevine. It takes constant honest evaluation, research and execution at each point in our supply chain and production processes. 

Every year we invest in developing both the people and the research that we need to become better. Every year. We never settle for the status-quo. 

Location. Location. Isolation.

Clean Vines

Our motherblocks are isolated and buffered from production vineyards in the irrigated high desert of Washington state – which is optimal for keeping the vines disease-free.

Premium Vines

Located on the 46th parallel, we have ideal growing conditions for premium grapes.

Ready When You Are

Our location allows us to plant earlier – and therefore harvest earlier – so that you can get your vines in the ground whenever your field is ready.

  • Isolated/buffered from other grapevines
  • Outside vector area for Red Blotch Virus

Premium wines start with premium vines

ENTAV-INRA® selections come directly from the ENTAV repository in France. They carry the ENTAV-INRA® trademark – a guarantee of authenticity from the highest authority in France.