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Inland Desert Nursery is family owned and operated, and has been for more than 40 years. Tom Judkins and his sons, Jerry and Kevin, are firmly committed to your success.

Sourcing clean, healthy plants and choosing the right variety, clone and rootstock is key to building profitable, sustainable vineyards. We partner with growers to make these long-term decisions as seamless as possible.

Inland Desert Nursery is dedicated to delivering the highest quality vines possible. From budwood harvest to the delivery of finished vines, we merge time-tested protocol with industry-leading nursery technology. We stand behind our vines to be both strong and healthy.

Call us today! We’d be happy to help you select the right vines for your vineyard.

Washington Certified Grapevines are the best insurance there is against devastating virus and disease. Inland Desert Nursery’s relationship with the Clean Plant Center of the Northwest at Washington State University and Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis means our certified vines are only a generation or two away from foundation-sourced cuttings indexed as disease free and true to type.

WSU scientists and WSDA inspectors are frequent visitors to Inland Desert, observing our nursery procedures and performing follow-up testing to ensure that the material is as reliable as when it left the foundation.

Inland Desert Nursery has more than 150 acres of WSDA-registered rootstock and scion propagation blocks under cultivation. That guarantees a long-term supply of clean plant material for grape growers in the northwest and across North America.

Grower Appreciation

Inland Desert Nursery would like to honor a group not necessarily well-known outside of the industry: the growers!