Start clean. Stay clean.

It’s All About Process Integrity.

We don’t just preach about clean, quality operations, we invest company resources and prioritize daily cultural practices towards our employees’ understanding and execution of strict grapevine certification and biosecurity standards.

Our unique nursery location isn’t enough to reliably produce clean grapevines; it takes strict adherence to clean material sourcing and management standards, thoughtfully balancing time-tested protocols with industry-leading technology and expertise at each point in our production process.

Our firm commitment to our growers is to evolve our nursery operations with you, reliably delivering grape vines that support a sustainable wine grape industry, while always challenging the status quo.

Location. Location. Location.

Washington Certified Motherblocks

Our Washington Certified Scion and Rootstock Mother Blocks are located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia Valley, an arid desert known for long summer days, optimal winter dormancy, and sustainable irrigation, all of which are essential for managing disease-free mother blocks and delivering clean nursery stock.

Our Location, Your Advantage

Our Inland Desert location at 46° North Latitude naturally limits vector pressure, creating a true four-season production calendar that allows you to order later and receive your finished vines earlier to better match your planting schedule.

Premium wines start with premium vines

ENTAV-INRA® selections come directly from the ENTAV repository in France. They carry the ENTAV-INRA® trademark – a guarantee of authenticity from the highest authority in France.