Scheduling a Delivery

Dormant Vines are packed horizontally.

Dormant Vines

  1. Delivery Timeline: Jan – May
  2. Dormant Vines are packed horizontally
  3. Packed with moist shavings
  4. 200 – 300 vines per standard box
  5. 3,600 – 5,400 Vines per pallet (18 boxes/pallet)
Green Potted Vines are packed vertically.

Green Potted Vines

  1. Delivery Timeline: May – Sept
  2. Green Potted Vines are packed vertically
  3. Packed with moist shavings
  4. 64 Jiffys per standard vented box

Where we ship and how

US/Canada Map with shipping regions colored based on whatever of the following makes the most sense: normal delivery timelines, freight vendors, etc. 

What to do upon the arrival of your plants



To request a quote, email and include your name and order number.


  • Old Dominion
  • UPS


If you’ll be picking up your plants, here’s a map to Inland Desert Nursery.

This map will help you find your way around the nursery.

Delivery Requests

14-30 days before your preferred pick-up/ship date

(Does not include transit time for delivery request type)

A signed contract and the required deposit must be received before we can ship your order.

Dormant Vines

Final grading of dormant vines is completed by January 1st. Vines are stored on-site, then pulled/packed when delivery is requested – 14 day lead time is requested.

Green Potted Vines

30 day lead time is required for optimal shade house transition and acclimation. If you’ve ordered multiple items, green potted vines may be ready to ship at different times. We’re happy to accommodate partial deliveries when possible. Alternatively, we can store and care for your vines in our shade house until all items can be consolidated for a single delivery.

Palletized LTL services are required for the safe arrival of green-potted vines. We do not ship green-potted vines via UPS ground.

Delivery Request Questions?

Contact our shipping desk at