Our Mission

Family owned and operated, Inland Desert Nursery supplies the cleanest and healthiest grapevines available to growers across North America. We also provide an extraordinarily high level of knowledgeable service to customers. Our success depends on helping growers develop sustainable, high-quality vineyards.

Our Commitment

Our Founder, Tom Judkins, first propagated grape cuttings in his high school FFA class in Prosser, Washington. Decades before the wine industry blossomed in Washington State, Tom cared for Concord and Niagara starts in his parents’ backyard. With the support of Dr. Walter Clore, the “Father of Washington Viticulture”; Tom pioneered the establishment of the first certified wine grape mother-blocks in Washington State.

Over forty years later Tom’s vision, work ethic and commitment to growers are the hallmark of Inland Desert Nursery. Our family business takes pride in helping you plant successful vineyards with the cleanest material available. Our recent mother-block expansions, in accordance with Washington State Department of Agriculture standards, offer growers access to a wide portfolio of clean plant material.

Inland Desert Nursery is home to 150+ acres of recently planted & aggressively maintained WSDA Registered rootstock and scion mother-blocks. We’re dedicated to propagating dormant field-grown and green-potted vines from these clean sources.

“Patient investment in quality and the long term view pay off for years and years – not just for a season.”

— Tom Judkins, founder