Custom Orders

If you need a plant that we don’t have in stock, let us know. With advance notice, we can customize clean, healthy field grown dormant or green potted vines and you’ll get the highest-grade product in exactly the right quantity.

Dormant, field-finished vines take more than a year to prepare, but green, potted vines can be prepared within the same year if budwood and rootstock are available.

Minimum custom order size for dormant vines is 500/selection.
Minimum custom order size for green vines is 250/selection.

Dormant Rootings and Benchgrafts

Bare-root dormant vines are nurtured for a full growing season in our field nursery before being harvested, trimmed, sorted, bundled in units of 25, and held in humidified cold storage until planting time. It’s recommended you order 15+ months in advance of planting for both grafted and own-rooted dormant vines. 

Vines are planted on fresh fumigated fields rotated annually, ensuring no exposure to root debris from the previous year’s nursery. After we carefully dig, trim, sort and bundle vines, we immediately tag and inventory each bundle with data-stamped labels that let us track each bundle’s scion and rootstock sources and all other information for complete traceability and quality control. The labels don’t come off till they are in your hands.

Dormant bare-root vines are recommended for replants and new plantings.

Custom Order minimum: 500

Dormant benchgrafted vines are 1-year-old benchgrafts which have been planted in an outdoor nursery row in the spring. Custom ordering allows for the selection of your ideal rootstock/scion combination.

Rooted Cuttings are dormant, bare-rooted vines produced by rooting a cutting (a cane section about 12-14 in. long) and growing it in the field for one season. These are less expensive than grafted vines, but because they are “own-rooted” they offer none of the special qualities that can be obtained from rootstock such as pest resistance, soil adaptation, or vigor restriction. Own-rooted vines are commonly used in Washington State.

To place an order, email, call (509) 588-6615 OR order online.

Green-Potted Vines

(“Own-Rooted” and Bench-Grafted)

Potted green growing vines can be planted once the danger of frost passes. They are an excellent option when dormant vines are unavailable and are recommended for new plantings with drip irrigation. We offer both grafted and own-rooted green-potted vines.

We now offer 24″ grafted potted vines (Double our standard height) as green-growing or dormant pots (fall or spring plantings).

We strongly encourage the use of vine shelters on standard height vines (grow tubes) to limit transplant shock and smooth the greenhouse-to-field transition.

Custom Order minimum: 250

Vine Shelters

(“Grow Tubes”)

We strongly encourage with use of vine shelters, which create a greenhouse-like
environment for young vines and provide protection from animals, chemical sprays and weed trimmers. We stock 30” tall vine shelters with collapsible tops for added humidity and protection.

Our durable poly-coated shelters will last through a full growing season (depending on weather) and are sold in bundles of 100.