Inland Desert Nursery — family owned and operated for more than 40 years — would like to honor a group not necessarily well-known outside of the industry: the growers!

It takes a good-sized group of skilled people to produce a really fine wine. From the soil to the glass, many talented, committed people contribute skill and effort to the final product. We want to acknowledge that by taking a camera into the growers’ “office” to show you the wine industry through their eyes. Enjoy the tour…

Justin Wylie, Walla Walla Valley AVA

Roy, Sharon, Katie & Chip Dobson, Wahluke Slope AVA

Joe & Susan Hattrup, Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Mimi Nye, Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Brenton Roy, Yakima Valley AVA

Dick Boushey, Yakima Valley AVA

Kenny Hart, Walla Walla Valley AVA

Charlien Hoppes, Red Mountain AVA

Phil Cline, Naches Heights AVA

David and Peter Minick, Yakima Valley AVA

Dustin DeWeber, Nesto & Scott Pontin, Yakima Valley AVA

Roger Gamache, Columbia Valley AVA

Art den Hoed & sons, Columbia Valley AVA

David Dufenhorst, Columbia Valley AVA

Mike & Martha Andrews, Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Marc & Katie Nelson & family, Columbia Valley AVA

Derek Way, Columbia Valley AVA

Sarah & Nathan Ziegler & family, Columbia Gorge AVA

John Derrick & family, Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Brian Weinmann & Viticultural Team, Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Rob & Stephanie Valicoff, Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Don Phelps, Lake Chelan AVA

Tom & Hunter Merkle, Columbia Valley AVA

Mike Miller, Yakima Valley AVA

Al Fountain, Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Larry & Jane Pearson, Red Mountain AVA